Documents for LPG propane to be entered in the data sheet

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    Documents for LPG, certification of a car for staging at the Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine After installing LPG on the car, you need to enter it in the registration certificate at the Service Center of Ukraine. What the procedure looks like: - A completely new LPG is installed on the car in accordance with the installation rules and regulations (service stations that professionally install LPG equipment are often installed in accordance with the standards) - Documents for LPG are issued for certification - in 90% of cases such documents are There is no service station where HBO was installed. - The car is being certified (the right to undergo certification is given by documents for LPG) - Having the entire package of documents, namely: documents for LPG, a certificate, you can go to the Service Center (even without a car) and replace the registration certificate. In addition to these documents, the technical passport of the car, the passport of the owner of the car and himself will also be necessary. But as mentioned above, not all service stations have documents for HBO, so we can assist in obtaining these very documents and passing certification. Recall that technical inspections for civilian vehicles will soon be introduced and if LPG on the car is not legalized, it will not pass the technical inspection, and accordingly, its operation will be prohibited until the inconsistencies are eliminated - either the removal of LPG or its entry into the data sheet. You can get documents for HBO from us, after passing a certain procedure. We also want to talk about technical inspections. The inspections will be carried out by independent private laboratories that have received the right to carry out such work, and the police will control the presence of the inspection - that is, the police and experts will be separated in order to avoid the accumulation of all instruments in one body and, accordingly, the excess of authority. Let's simulate the situation - a policeman stopped you and saw that there was no technical inspection, he writes you a fine and gives you time to eliminate such a defect - that is, to undergo a technical inspection. It is not known what the time frame will be for passing the technical inspection after the fine is issued. Now one thing is clear - all cars with HBO installed, no matter methane or propane, must be with HBO inscribed in the data sheet, with passed certification. Because further it will be more difficult to pass it. As practice shows, our people love to hold out to the last, and then monthly queues will form at the certifications, and you are standing in the queue - the operation of the car is prohibited.
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